Movie Star Moments & the Beginning of the Blog...

It was a "blah" Tuesday morning and I was home recovering from being sick.  I was in that state where you're now functioning but you're not well enough to return to work or be out of the house, which for all of us Type A Achievers out there, is borderline TORTURE (although my roommate told me the floorboards in our apartment had never been cleaner - so I guess there's a win there?).

I turned on a morning news and talk show while eating my slice of Whole Foods Seeduction bread (yummy) with peanut butter & banana slices and saw that a famous actress, who was actually one of my favorites, was up to be interviewed next.  "Oh fun!" I thought.  "So this is what comes on TV during the workday while I'm at the office."  However, as the topic of her interview was announced I felt a surge of angst.  She would be discussing a new health and nutrition book she had written... hmmmmm.  At the time I was a practicing dietitian with about 5 years of clinical and wellness experience, not including my 6 years of school and 16-month dietetic internship, with a surfacing passion for nutrition writing and education.

Wanting to write but knowing nothing about website design or blogging and only a snippet about marketing, I had been stuck in a state of limbo for some time, staring apprehensively at the mountain of learning that would lie ahead of me.  Well, apparently this is what I needed to light the fire and get me to start tackling that mountain.  I was stuck at home, unable to get out, nothing to work on, and a growing sense of unease building within me.  I sat there and, as I watched an actress with no scientific clinical nutrition background (although I'm sure she had ghostwriters of some sort) promote the "nutrition book" she had just published, which was probably going to be uber successful, I said out loud, "This is crazy."  As I continued to listen, I thought, "THIS is why I need to write." While she may have had reputable experts ghostwriting for her it was not clear, and it still reminded me of the hundreds and hundreds of people writing, speaking, or teaching about nutrition without any solid nutrition and scientific background.  It struck a major chord and I decided, "If she is doing it, I'M doing it!"

With that, I pulled out my laptop, turned off the TV, googled "how to begin a blog", and thus began the adventures of The Dining Dietitian.

I hope that my posts so far and all of those to come are interesting, informative and give you a bit more insight into the exciting but sometimes confusing world of food and nutrition! 

Happy Fueling!