Happy New Year!!! What I Hope To Bring in 2017...


This year will be full.  I'm so excited but I know I'll be busier than ever, which I'm sure many of us are probably saying as we look on into this new year, 2017.  

My original intention for this blog was to share nutrition information and recipes for busy individuals and families and for young athletes.  This year, in 2017, I would like to continue that, but with an additional element and structure.

We all create "new year's resolutions" January 1.  Well, I am & have always been more of a "goals" person.  I have a handful of goals for this year and one of those goals is for this blog and website.  I want to let the reader in a bit more - to know me and to know where my passion for food & nutrition and my food & nutrition recommendations come from.

Over the years, last year especially, I have learned a lot about myself.  What I have realized most is that I love a lot of things!  I love people, I love activities, I love new learning opportunities, and I love the excitement that all of these possibilities bring even though after signing up for it all I am often left with a LOT on my plate.  In the past I have tried to change this and tell myself to stop doing so much but found that I was actually MORE stressed by trying NOT to do things than if I just accepted it and powered on!  So, this year, 2017, I'm just going to embrace it.  Yep, bring it on!  This year I will accept my overly enthusiastic, futuristic, determined, inquisitive, dreamer, "sign-me-up" nature.

I know from experience, though, that in order to do this - to make time for all of my passions, including friends, family, career (nutrition), fitness, volunteering, and, currently, wedding planning that all of my meals will not be perfect and many will be far from home-cooked five star.  This year I know I will need my fitness routines (to stay sane and calm) and nutritious meals and snacks (to stay fueled and energized for meetings, work and workouts) more than ever.  And this is what I'm excited to share with you!  I'm excited to show you that you can still eat tasty, fueling meals and stay healthy and energized amidst a pressed-for-time week AND that you don't have to exclude any foods or food groups along the way :)


So, this year, starting now, I plan to write about my journey and share recipes, menus, quick grocery tips and lists, and quick pick-up meals, (and maybe a few fitness adventures) that get me through this busy, crazy, but exciting season.  Always up for a challenge, I know it will be a lot but I'm ready & excited.  I want to show you (a) that it can be done and (b) how it can be done, even if it's not always pretty or fancy (which half of the time it will not be, just a heads up), by giving you a glimpse into my everyday.  I'm not at home all day every day creating & testing recipes for my family, or the busy parents, business professionals and young athletes I'm hoping to serve.  I'm at work full-time, followed by volunteering, Bible Study, visiting friends, taking trips, and planning a wedding, throwing together recipes that work for me and have worked for friends and family in the in-between time.  My goal with Taylored Nutrition is to show you what this takes by providing kitchen concoctions, quick picks, and foodie facts each month (weekly as possible).  I hope that, from following along with me on this journey, you see that being "healthy" doesn't mean being perfect and it doesn't have to be hard.  I hope that you are able to find ideas, inspiration and fun food and nutrition facts that help you lead your busy crazy jam-packed lives in the healthiest way possible to help give you the happiest life possible.  So here we go!

Happy Fueling!